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At Adjust Your Health Calgary, Dr. Amber Wiens offers dance specific physical therapy and/or pre-season evaluations for dancers of all ages and skill levels. With a focus on dance injury prevention, Dr. Wiens works with dancers to develop a customized plan to meet their specific challenges and needs.  This may be therapy based or pre-habilitation (conditioning to decrease the chance of injury). If an injury has occurred, a treatment plan will be recommended to restore faulty joint mechanics, reduce muscle/ligament strain, and decrease inflammation.  These treatments will be followed up with rehabilitative exercises that the dancer may then take home or into the studio to improve their kinesthetic awareness and further develop a strong technique. 


Having a background as a professional dancer, as well as being the resident Chiropractor for Alberta Ballet, Dr. Wiens understands the importance of receiving care that enables the dancer to continue training and performing during the recovery process.


Hands on therapy techniques may include Active Release Therapy ART®, Acupuncture, Chiropractic manipulation, Kinesiotaping, instrument assisted fascial mobilization, and shock wave therapy.


Pre-Season Dance Assessments include:

  • 45 min Evaluation Session

            -History (Medical / Dance Injury)

            -Physical Exam (Full Vital systems review)

            -Cardiovascular Testing

            -Musculoskeletal Static & Dynamic Strength Testing

            -Balance & Flexibility Testing (all major joints)

            -Technique Analysis


  • 45 min 1-on-1 discussion of findings & Implementation of pre-habilitation exercise

            -Personalized Dance Report (with consent, may be sent

             to the child’s dance instructor)





Reilley Bell

"Dr. Wiens is just someone I trust with my body.  She understands what I do, and what I need done in order to perform my best on stage, and everyday in the studio.  It is rare for a dancer to find that Chiro that is just right for them and once you do you only ever

want them fixing you." - Reilley Bell, Alberta Ballet Company Dancer






                                                                                                               Alberta Company Ballet Artist Reilley Bell

                                                                                                               Photo by Paul McGrath


"The older I haveKelley McKinlay gotten, the more I realize how much I rely on the treatments Dr. Amber Wiens provides at the ballet.  Coming back from tour not having the treatment by body is used to made me really appreciate and realize how amazing we really have it.  She has such a knowledge of each of us individually, and is able to treat us properly for the obstacles we

Alberta Company Ballet Artitst Kelley McKinlay           have ahead in our day to day lives as dancers." Photo by Paul McGrath                               - Kelley McKinlay - Alberta Ballet Company